Trade shows are a great way to attract attention to your product, especially if you focus on specialized trade shows. Many experts will tell you that a high-density trade show guarantees higher sales than a low-density one, but that isn't necessarily the case. Here's why you should attend low-density trade shows and how to prepare a high quality booth. As a bonus, there will also be closing tips for when you get a buyer interested in your products.

The Benefits of Low-Density Trade Shows

Why would you want to book a trade show booth in a low-density or specialized trade show? There are multiple reasons. First of all, high-density foot traffic doesn't necessarily guarantee any kind of sale. All it guarantees is a large number of people walking past your booth. Unfortunately, they may be so packed inside the trade show center that they can't actually pay attention to your booth.

High-density trade shows often attract a large number of people, but not necessarily people who are interested in your product. They may just come out of curiosity and end up taking valuable space in front of your booth which could be better used servicing people who are really interested in your products.

Designing Your Trade Booth to Attract Quality Clients

Preparing for a good low-density trade show requires creating an attractive and interesting display trade booth by focusing on the following four elements:

  • Graphics – These should be bright and eye-catching, clean, and colorful. Simple imagery and phrases that fully outline the benefits of your products are superior to dense and hard-to-understand versions.
  • Lighting – Make sure your booth is properly lit to increase its effectiveness. Set it up in your office to get a feel for how it looks under overhead lights. Bring extra lights, if necessary.
  • Interactive Elements – Include a slideshow display or some kind of technological display element to capture the eye and engage the potential customer. Investing in a portable television display isn't a bad idea, especially for low-density trade shows which may not have very detailed displays.
  • Promotional Items – People at low-density trade shows may not expect promotional items, such as pens or portable USB drives. Invest in these items to attract more customers to your booth and to increase your sales chances.

Closing Potential Sales

If your trade booth attracts interested buyers, and they seem on the verge of making a purchase, you need to follow these simple tips to close the deal: stay positive, show enthusiasm, use your customer's name, describe the details of your product, show intelligence regarding your competitors, and have a simple list of why your product is superior.

Avoid excessive negativity toward your competitor; this will come across as mean and perhaps desperate. Just go over the ways your product has an edge on others while admitting the benefits of those products.

The nice thing about low-density trade shows is that you'll have more personal time to spend with your customer, giving you more leeway to really sell them on your product. Take advantage of that by sitting down with them at your booth and really digging into their needs. This will highly increase your chance of a sale.

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